Director of Operations

Julie Claussen
Director of Operations
Fisheries Conservation Foundation


As a fisheries biologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey at the University of Illinois since 1984, Julie Claussen has worked  on a variety of projects, including reproductive life histories, conservation genetics, sustainable fisheries practices and management, and the connections of recreational fishing to reproductive activities, reproductive success, recruitment, and post-release behavior and survival.

Recognizing the need for scientists to engage with natural resource constituents, Julie was one of the founding partners of the Fisheries Conservation Foundation, and through this foundation, she works to explore new methods for fisheries outreach and education and ways to engage with the natural resource constituents. Julie now serves as Director of Operations for the Fisheries Conservation Foundation, where she has worked on projects both in the United States and abroad in The Bahamas, Canada, Bhutan, and Mexico, making strides to further fisheries conservation efforts.


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