Tracking Bonefish in the Bahamas

Throughout the islands of The Bahamas, bonefishing is not only a popular sport, but also an important component of the tourism industry that contributes greatly to the economic health of many communities. For such a valuable fishery, surprisingly little is known about bonefish movements, particularly when it comes to migrations associated with their reproduction.

The Fisheries Conservation Foundation and Cape Eleuthera Institute are working with a number of Bahamian partners to support the research efforts of the Flats Ecology and Conservation Program (FECP). The FECP is a coalition of over a dozen faculty-level scientists from a number of different institutions all working on various aspects of flats ecology and bonefish conservation that first became active and focused in The Bahamas in 1999. Through support provided by FCF and CEI, this group of scientists continues to conduct the cutting edge research on the ground in The Bahamas that will provide the information needed for developing truly effective conservation strategies for the flats fishery. We currently have completed two projects in The Bahamas using acoustic radio-telemetry to study bonefish movements on Abaco and Grand Bahama and have just initiated another project designed to look at movement of bonefish across the entire Little Bahama Bank. Learn about our latest research:

Grand Bahama to Abaco — Where do Bonefish go to Spawn?

Eleuthera Acoustic Tracking Study Summary

Grand Bahama Acoustic Tracking Study Summary


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Our Bahamas acoustic tracking research on bonefish is part of the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN). The telemetry data from our tagged bonefish will be added to the Ocean Tracking Network’s global database. The Ocean Tracking Network is helping to develop the global infrastructure needed to build a comprehensive dataset on the movement of sea animals in relation to the ocean’s changing physical properties.

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