The Second International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat

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Mazatlan, Mexico

April 7–12, 2014


Held in conjunction with the Annual Meetings of the

Western Division and the Mexican Chapter

of the American Fisheries Society

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Reminder: All attendees will need a valid passport to enter Mexico

View photos of the conference site and mangroves workshop location here!

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Steering Committee:

Throughout the tropical and subtropical coasts around the world, mangrove forests serve as the physical lattice that provide protective breeding, feeding, and nursery areas for a wide variety of marine life, including many economically important species.

This symposium will bring together scientists from around the globe to share knowledge on the links between fisheries, ocean health, and the growing need for protecting the mangrove ecosystem.

Symposium topics will include:

Community Form and Function
Habitat and Productivity
Species Diversity and Interactions
Commercial and Artisanal Fisheries
Recreational Fisheries
Conservation and Education
Restoration Programs
Blue Carbon and Ecosystem Services

In addition:

Workshop on mangrove restoration
Field trips to nearby mangrove areas

The meeting will be held at the El Cid Moro Beach Resort, Mazatlan, Mexico. For meeting venue details, schedule, and symposia, go to:

For further information on the symposium, please e-mail

David Philipp, Co-Chair, Fisheries Conservation Foundation
John Tiedemann, Co-Chair, Monmouth University
Felipe Amezcua, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Julie Claussen, Fisheries Conservation Foundation
Will Denecke, Sustainable Fisheries Foundation
Francisco Flores Verdugo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Eric Knudsen, Ecologists without Borders

Jaime Polania, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Cleve Steward, Sustainable Fisheries Foundation

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