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Many debates on fisheries issues depend upon understanding the science behind the issue. The reality is that often the information is complicated and difficult to explain as each scenario can be complex. With the ability to find information quickly through various online sources, coupled with societal demands that information be packaged in quick synopses, there is a big challenge to communication science effectively.

At FCF we believe that by effectively communicating fisheries science in a way that is relevant to the stakeholders, we can all work toward solutions to influence the course of action that will protect recreational fisheries and the ecosystems that support them.

The goal of FCF Outreach Initiatives is to improve the knowledge about recreational fisheries and increase the understanding of its importance in the conservation and protection of global aquatic natural resources. We strive to communicate the most current scientific information to stakeholders in language that is easy to understand, yet full explains the issues at hand. It is our hope that our work will influence the course of action that will protect freshwater recreational fisheries and the habitats they rely on.


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