Lake Trout Telemetry Project

The Fisheries Conservation Foundation has formed a new partnership with Kenauk Nature, The Kenauk Institute, Carleton University, and the University of Vermont to initiate a Lake Trout Telemetry Project. The goal of the project is to understand the spatial ecology, population dynamics and fishery for the Lake Trout population in Lac Papineau, Quebec. This project will provide the data and tools needed to develop sustainable conservation strategies that will help ensure high quality recreational fishing on Lac Papineau, protecting its natural assets for generations to come.

During the first stage of this project, acoustic telemetry is being used to record the location of individually tagged fish, including their depth and temperature. Receivers have been placed around the lake to record coded signals from tagged fish that swim in their vicinity. Acoustic transmitter tags were surgically implanted in over 30 mature Lake Trout in September which will allow us to track their movements throughout the lake over time.

As the project partners work to learn more about the Lake Trout life history and reproductive activities, we will create outreach and educational opportunities for the lake community and promote the need for management strategies for sustainable recreational fisheries on Lac Papineau.

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