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ACOUSTIC TAGS are surgically implanted by experienced fish biologists who take extreme care to keep all fish healthy. The acoustic tag emits a signal that is detected by a receiver when the fish swims nearby. For each donated tag, you will be sent details of the fish and where it was tagged, as well as an update on where it was detected and the distance traveled. A donation to purchase a tag is $350.

The RECEIVER detects signals from the acoustic tags and records the data. Receivers are deployed in an array throughout the study area, and the more receivers we can add to an array, the more information we can gather about our tagged fish. Receivers are expensive, however they can be relocated and used again and again. A donation to purchase a receiver is $1,200.

THE PROJECT: Bonefish migrate from the shallow flats to specific aggregation sites to spawn in deeper waters offshore. Our research group is using acoustic telemetry to track individual bonefish and locate bonefish spawning bonefish aggregation sites so ultimately these areas can be protected.

WHERE DO BONEFISH SPAWN? Bonefish do not spawn just anywhere. Certain locations provide the conditions for better survival of offspring than others. As a result, it is important to guard the spawning aggregation sites against illegal fishing activities and commercial development that could alter the habitat. Identifying all of the pre-spawning aggregation/spawning sites around each major island group in The Bahamas has been consistently identified by the joint planning efforts of the research and angling communities as the number one research priority.

The bonefish populations around Abaco, Grand Bahama, and the myriad cays on the Little Bahama Bank behave in very complex ways. To manage these populations effectively and to develop sound long-term conservation strategies, the Flats Ecology and Conservation Program, (a consortium of scientists from many institutions) is undertaking an important research project that aims to identify all of the remaining pre-spawning aggregation/spawning sites on the Little Bahama Bank, as well as the how and why bonefish transition between Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The Fisheries Conservation Foundation (FCF) is spearheading the funding for this groundbreaking work and is looking for financial support. The overall budget for this three-year project is $85,000. Currently, FCF has raised funds to cover half of the costs, but we need help in raising the remaining dollars. Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause, so that we can all work together for a robust future for bonefish and bonefishing.

Download the bonefish flier here.

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