Bahamas Bonefish: Strategies for Research and Conservation

The Bahamas is one of the premier bonefishing destinations in the world, and it has been well documented that this fishery is worth millions of dollars a year to the Bahamian economy. In the last decade, a significant amount of biological information has been gathered about bonefish, especially their reproductive migrations, yet there are still large gaps in what we know about this important species.

In August 2017, FCF organized the Bahamas Bonefish Conference, which took place at the Pelican Bay Hotel in Freeport, The Bahamas. Attendees included researchers, guides, lodge owners, and conservationists who have an interest in bonefish and the bonefishing industry. The goal of bringing these various stakeholders together was to: 1) synthesize what we know about Bonefish biology, 2) discuss an agenda for future research needs, 3) build a conservation strategy, 4) identify and prioritize education and outreach needs, 5) develop a strategy to meet industry needs

The following topics and research updates were presented:

Miko Glitton of North Riding Point provided an overview on his program to involve youth in understanding the benefits of a guiding life. Miko also talked about the various way to involve all of those who have a part in the bonefishing industry — government, tourism, and partners — in working together toward a sustainable future for bonefish in The Bahamas.

FCF sincerely thanks our hosts and our partners for their support of this conference.


In The News

The information about this meeting, as well as its importance and the need for future generations to understand the impact recreation bonefishing has on the local economy, was broadcast on the local news:


            Fisheries Conservation Foundation


            H2O Bonefishing, Grand Bahama

            North Riding Point Club, Grand Bahama


            Bahamas National Trust

            Abaco Fly fishing Guides Association

            Rainbow Inn, Eletheura

            Cape Eleuthera Institute

            American Fisheries Society

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