100th Fish Tagged in Bhutan: Mahseer Conservation Project

News thumbnail picThe Mahseer Conservation Project, a joint effort with World Wildlife Fund Bhutan and Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, is making great strides in understanding both Golden Mahseer and Chocolate Mahseer migration patterns, including where the fish overwinter, their spawning behavior, and where these fish travel during the monsoon season.

We have just completed our seventh field expedition, where we successfully tagged our 100th fish! During our time in Bhutan, we visited each of our stations, completed necessary repairs, downloaded data, and added four more receiver stations to the array.

We are thrilled to report that most of the tagged fish have been detected, and our tagged fish seem to be constantly on the move, with some fish showing repeatable patterns over relatively restricted areas while others have long-range movements, often swimming 50km in a 48-hour period.

You can read more about our study on the Mahseer Conservation Project page.

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