How to Hold a Bass

bass_video2 copyThe “How to Hold a Bass” Campaign, which tested whether different handling techniques influence the jaw function of released Florida Bass, has now been completed. The campaign was run through the RocketHub crowdfunding site and was a collaboration with the Florida Bass Conservation Center and the Allen Lab in the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program at the University of Florida.

The experiment consisted of handling 30 fish in each of three treatment groups: 1) fish held horizontally by only the lower jaw, fully extending the jaw with the full weight of the fish stressing the jaw, 2) a Boga Grip type scale holding the fish vertically, and 3) a full support treatment where the fish is held being supported by the lower jaw and the tail. Each treatment was applied to a given fish for 60 seconds, and then the fish was put into a holding tank and observed with cameras.

You can now read about the results and implications of this study here.

We would like to give a huge shout-out to all the organizations and people that donated incentives for this project:

Bienville Plantation
The Bass University
Gary’s Tackle Box
Mike Iaconelli
Ish Monroe
Fletcher Shryock

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