Black Bass Diversity Book

black-bass-front-coverThe book Black Bass Diversity: Multidisciplinary Science for Conservation has been released. The Fisheries Conservation Foundation was a sponsor of the symposium that resulted in this book.

The opening chapters profile the nine currently recognized species of Micropterus and describe their unique conservation needs. Later chapters are dedicated to presenting new findings pertaining to life history, movement, habitat use, and disease, as well as the influences of human dimensions.

Some of the topics covered are: historical management perspectives; large-scale habitat restoration initiatives; the negative impacts of introduced basses; and the taxonomic status of Bartram’s Bass and the Choctaw Bass (two potential new species). All chapters emphasize conservation needs for vulnerable populations within their native habitats, and the book contains full-color plates of each of the black bass species.

This book, which will be useful to fishery scientists, biologists, managers, culturists, students, and interested public such as anglers and conservationists, is available to the public via the American Fisheries Society online bookstore. Individual chapter PDFs can also be purchased.


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