FCF Undergraduate Research Award

12300906-water-drop-with-dollar-symbolThe Fisheries Conservation Foundation has begun a new program to award a $500 scholarship to an undergraduate student who is working in the area of aquatic resource conservation at the University of Illinois. Our first recipient of this scholarship has been awarded to Peter Whitney.

Peter’s interest are in environmental planning water resources and use in water-scarce regions of the world. His research project will be a comparative study on the refugee population’s stress on local water resources in the areas around Amman, Jordan and Gaziantep, Turkey. Peter’s results will include recommendations for policy and practice regarding resource management and restoration goals.

Peter states that the “dynamics of human water use are of primary importance when considering the conservation of aquatic resources and systems. Aquatic ecosystems and biota must be preserved as important contributors to water-related resource management and quality, relating to both surface and subsurface water resources. In order to prevent inefficient and unsustainable exploitation of water resources, especially in areas of conflict or those with scarce resources, there must be scientifically founded decisions backing resource management and policy.”

We wish Peter luck in his research endeavors and look forward to following his continued success!

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